> Finished Knits 2009

Red Lace
Koolhaas Hat
Eliina Shawl
Blue Mystery Socks
Watermelon Ribs
Caravan Socks
Seed Stitch Wool Soy Hat
SWS for Stacey
A Wisp of Lust
Harris Tweed Socks for Gale!
Jessica's Swallowtail
February Sock Club
Saxony Socks
Pearls of Wisdom
Silk Fountain Hood
Herringbone Rib Socks
Madli's Shawl
Joan Socks
Hemlock Ring Doily
Caravan Socks
Shetland Triangle
Personal Sock Club - April
Pink Pathways
Lilac Leaf Shawl
Bamboo Socks
Zen Doily
Personal Sock Club - May
Impressionist Socks
The Sister Friend Shawl/Scarf
Personal Sock Club - June
Icarus Revisited
Cookie's Dream Socks
Carrie's Swallowtail
Elderberrys of Doom
A Faux Russian Stole
Handspun Llama Scarf
Honeybee Stole
Rosy Posy Tea Cosy
Oyster Bay Shawl
Olive Socks
Rosewood House Socks
Ginevra and the Mitts
A Tea Cozy
A Ribbed Hat
Strawberry Smoothies
Painfully Pink
Cashmere Garter