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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Well I think you're funny...

Love you, Cow.

And I think you're not only funny...you're smart.

If Snark is a crime, arrest me now!

I like your blog. I have learned a lot. Heck, I knit lace now because of your blog. Hang in there, take care.

I've always thought you were funny.
That person is definitely not funny.

Isnt it odd how, when someone is called out for their bad behaviour, the person calling it out is always told they are a bully?

YOu are my favourite cow : )

I *have* been meaning to talk to you. I feel you have been bullying people into painting their nails. My nails are PURPLE for crissake! PURPLE! And I blame it on you.

Ya big bully!!!!


Snarky cow stomps troll!

Funny cow is funny.
Anti-bullying troll is a bully.


Wow. That is unfortunate. I'm so sorry you are having this negativity following you. I hope you find a way to feel the love, peace, and goodness around. xoxo

Hello, Flo. We're still waiting for Ravelry to rise up against us. It's been a while...

I don't like that you can't click on buttons in this comment feed. It makes me feel incomplete.

For someone who doesn't like girl drama, she sure likes trying to create it. She should really take her own advice and "stop being so nasty to complete strangers."

Wow. My flabber. It is gasted.


You are the bestest cow I know :D

I can think of much better uses of my time than trolling people on the Internet. Shame that others can't.

Wow. Bully commenters love to cry "bully!"

Wow and the person showed what a 'lovely' hypocrite they are by doing exactly what they accused you of doing.

Flabbergasted is agreed upon. People are stupid.

Thanks for the giggles.

And the Snark.

Seriously? wow.
(also I don't see how she comes up with calling you a bully. That's

Um. Wow. I don't really frequent boards with people like that, and I guess there's the reason why. And to go out of their way to do crap like that? Pathetic doesn't even cover it.

Not I, said the Kat. This person gives WI a bad name. But she is from West Bend; maybe that explains it.

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