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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Good genes and a great stylist are the answer to a lot of things.

Change. Change is good. Change can be scary, but it's good.

A linguistics teacher once said that the only language that doesn't change is a dead one. I think that can apply to many things.

Gorgeous clouds! I hope you got the lil bit o rain we got over here too!

It really is just hair, it grows back if you want. I'm sure your mop is fab!

Complaints? On the hair! What!?!

Complaints? On the hair! What!?!

Complaints? On the hair! What!?!

I'm glad you're having beautiful days.
Change really is scary. Even when it's for the best.

Good genes and a great stylist. You are so lucky. I haven't trusted my hair to a stylist for more than 4 years. I should probably have it cut off and donate it for children's wigs. It's so fine, but then I'd actually have to do something other than braiding it back out of my way. Hope your day continued to be beautiful.

Fly overs are the best! And keep the good things and thoughts coming!

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