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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Knitting can be overrated. ;)

As long as you are in a good place for you. That is all that matters.

Ditto Jocelyn.

We don't care if you knit or not.

I took a couple year break from knitting, now just slowly easing my way back to the fiber world- via crocheting, oddly enough. Something about granny squares being made for stash and small easily portable projects made for four blankets this summer! Do what makes you happy!

Yeah, I actually fell down the quilting rabbit hole a bit back. My yarn stash has marinated for a good while, but I have some really pretty quilts now! (And a fabric stash that makes my yarn and spinning stash pale in comparison).

All we care about is that you are good. After all we've all walked away from a hobby or two for different reasons. Wanta talk about my stash of seed beads and how I can only hold that sized needle for a minute or two. Or the polymer clay stash. Well partial stash I have all the tools still but I baked the clay in a move accidentally. (I forgot that it need to be keep cool too. I saved the vanilla and my insulin, plus the cat's pain shots that move.)

Hugs to you!

Life is a continuous journey of changes. It's good to know you're doing well.

Welcome back!

Just happy to see you're still around Cookie honey.

Hugs and purrs from Texas.

Hey, you're back! Very cool. And don't worry about not knitting. These things tend to go in cycles, I've found.

Darn, now you've made me feel bad for letting my blog slide. Let's be blog buddies, okay?

All important stuff. You are finding what works for you, and that is always good. xoxo

Thanks BE!!! Was worried and not about to pester but REALLY glad you are OK - wild summers, falling in love, evicting unwelcome "tenant" and not knitting: sounds about normal for this stage!

Blessings be.

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