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Sunday, March 22, 2015


(The socks, not the lizard.)

The lizard might be cute, too. As long as he's living in someone else's garage...

(Love love love the orange socks!!!)

Gorgeous socks!

It's Monday mornng here already, and your socks are exactly the tonic I need to start off the week. Thanks for the blast of vitamin C!


Love these! Catching up on my blog reading--are these knit from yarn that striped itself so perfectly or did you do the striping? They are cherry, I hope they do the trick for you.

And now you have orange on your project page! Yay! I love their cheerfulness. :D

Love the happiness of the socks!

Those are the best socks ever!!!! I'll trade you the garage lizard for my garage snake?

More orange is always good! What were those ice creams called with the orange outside and the cream inside? Creamsicles? That's what those socks are. Super cute.

Those socks would make me smile, too!

She lives!

Adorable socks


Cute, cute socks! I love the color, especially on the cold dreary Tuesday morning that I woke up to. And the lizard is lucky that all you did was call him names, just saying.

Cute-you always do such a great job! I admire your mad sock skills. :O)

nom nom naranja!

I love your socks! I think I have some orange in my stash--maybe I'll start a pair tomorrow.

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