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Thursday, February 05, 2015


Beautiful! And I can't wear a hat either! (Though I keep knitting them because someday ONE might be right, right???)


It's really pretty! Too bad it's not a rain hat, I hear there's rain a'comin'.

You're a colorwork knitter! It's beautiful and I love that red to pieces.

So beautiful! I love it!!


The computer ate my comment! It went something like this....
I was right! I was right! I was right!
/dancing around the room
Now you can do an Icelandic sweater, even if it's too hot to wear... :D

There are all the color work mitts and socks and sweaters. Just sayin.

Very nice hat. Currently I'm knitting Wendy Johnson's black and white cowl...size three needles, sock weight yarn, 202 sts. per round...yeah, I might finish it some day! The worst part is, I live in Florida where it's not very cold for very long.
Blogless Mary Lou

Yay! Such a pretty hat! (I can't wear hats, either. There must be such a thing as a 'hat head' and I don't have one...)

I love those colors - it's great.

I love it! I hope it's waterproof so you can wear it out today...(not complaining about rain since we're 12% of normal - in many ways...).

you are an everything girl.
Hats are cute enough for you!

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