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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Are you me?
'Cause I could totally have written this post.

And a great sky it is! It also looks like you have blooming trees and that pretty green grass.

Should you get that cough checked out? DH usually ends up with bronchitis whenever he has a cold/flu... Just being concerned.

Sky and tree and bank. What it's all about huh? Get the cough checked out.

Too much green for my brain to process this time of year. ;)

What is that green stuff all over the ground?

There's something wrong with your snow - it appears to have gone all moldy and green. You're going to need a lot of Lysol...

Singing weeds are back!

What is this spring of which you speak? Is it a real thing? It was zero here yesterday with constant 20 mph wind. Nasty.

But you have not only the spring (Ze spring!) but also the flowers (Ze fleurs!)

Blooming trees! So jealous. Wind chills yesterday were around -15.

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