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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Oh yes, that is nice! Keep that going girl!

Indeed, my car looks like it's been shake and baked in yellow pollen every day. Too bad the drought makes car washing a luxury.

Can't knit on meds, can't knit in a gas mask... Allergy season really sucks.
You should move north. Our allergy season is months away.

There's nothing wrong with knitting all the pink and purple. It will look very nice against a neutral outfit, or contrasting color.

Sorry about the allergies. I hope the rains come quickly. And maybe the freeze will help...
Love, love, love the shawl! I have too many projects going right now. I need to pick one and finish it! If only I could finish one before I start something else. But alas, no willpower!

Can you take the children's dose? What about Flonase or nasocort? No jittery stuff in them. That is very pink. What about a nice plain cardigan? Maybe with stripes or some shaping? Just enough to keep it interesting?

Nice plain cardigan...or I could send you my cardigan I'm knitting? ;-)

Oh, allergies. I'm so sorry, m'dear. I hope you find a better way to make your way through, or that the rain washes the bad away right away.

Your Stella is so lovely, and I love seeing the handspun!

If you ever figure out the key to needing the mindless and avoiding the boring, please let me know. xoxo

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