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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


You made it through all of Dexter?

It's a pretty scarf/shawl! Such springy colors.../sigh. There will be spring, right?

I gave up after Season 4. Julia is bee-yoo-ti-ful. You're so good.

I think that scarf is smashing and you wear it quite well! Dexter who? ;-)

Couldn't make it through Dexter. The first three seasons drew me in, but after that .....

There, you've been stalked. Stella is marked as unisex, btw. I found this interesting.

Loved Dexter and all its weirdness, nearly cried at the end of the series! But I digress. The scarf is lovely. Good job knitting and blocking!


So pretty! I hope you enjoy wearing it.

I don't remember how many seasons of Dexter I enjoyed, (and I do know why I enjoyed them) but I know when I think they should have ended it. I occasionally think about finishing up watching it just for completeness and see how it ended, but never really get around to it. xo

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