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Friday, January 02, 2015


OMG that is pretty yarn!
Go with the mindless and skip the should. If your cold weather is coming as soon as ours is you probably wouldn't get the sleeves done anyway...although you knit like the wind so maybe you could... :)

That is so pretty. I can see why the sleeves have been ottomanned. Mel knitting this!

I'm knitting some sleeves, too, in a solid color. Not that interesting. But I started this sweater in Feburary 2013, and set it aside when spring 2013 came. The body is done; it just needs sleeves! Must. Knit. Sleeves.

Oh, hey, squirrel!

But what is that going to be?

I'm stranded on sleeve island myself. But I NEEEEEED to finish this sweater. So. Sleeves it is! Or, ya know, surfing the 'net...

The scarf is shinier than the sleeves. Just sayin'

I want to live at your house. You have such pretty yarn and furniture.

I am on Sleeve Island, as well. Working on a baby sweater, in a hazy green color. I'm halfway through the second sleeve, and hating every minute of it.

I think I need an Ottoman Of Shame...

(I'm still trying to figure out why "should" and "don't want to" seem to mean the same thing...)
Knit on with the pretty!

Sooooo beautiful! Sleeves are over rated!

The new Ottoman was hungry, and needed to be fed.

Hey, you have a blog! Who knew?

So.....that's not a sleeve in the pic?

And here we sit, bored and bereft, while you gallivant around on Sleeve Island...

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