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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Sorry you're feeling so poorly! Too many people I know have had the flu this year. Daffodils make up for a lot of things, but being sick may not be one of them.

At least the girl was REALLY friendly?

Daffodils!! And blooming outside and everything! It's amazing to me when our temps are again below zero...
Hope your trip to the P.O. and Starbucks didn't set you back. Feel better now!

Pretty flowers! Though all flowers are nasty little pollen factories when you think about it...

Daffs! Blooming outside! 12 degrees here :-(

I'm sorry! You should have just bailed on the sample. That would've been fine! (Trust me, I know the designer - she's nice.) ;)

Hope you're feeling better very, very soon.

At least there was one bright spot in the day.

Such beautiful spring blooms! I miss the flowers up north....I live in Florida so if we want daffodils or tulips, we must force the bulbs. I do have Easter lilies that come back every year all on their own, however. Sorry about your illness...get better soon!

Sorry you've been under the weather .... I hope you feel better by now.

Those blooms are so pretty. It's starting to look like we won't see spring until June at the earliest.

JEALOUS. Super pretty

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