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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I am sad that my nearest Starbucks is 50 miles away.

Man, that brownie looks tasty.

Yes, exciting. :)
So is the brownie soft and moist and yummy? It sure looks like it! A little fudge chocolate frosting on top would make it perfect. ;)

That brownie looks pretty small. You should have gotten two. You deserve at least two. You know. Because you have to stay focused if you're going to ignore sleeves properly. And staying focused requires the proper application of brownies...

Brownies are worth getting sidetracked. Yum.

I think you'll need a brownie for the energy to get those socks done. Or something like that.


It looks like a good brownie. But kind of small. You should go back and have another. While ignoring sleeves. I'm knitting endless sleeves right now. :yawn: I need a brownie!

Exciting! And I'll send you some brownies. And maybe some pink fiber hahahahahaha (I have located it at least!)

Oh, yummy. But it looks like way too much chocolate for you. I think you need to share.

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