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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Today is first time we have seen the sun (or even a hint of blue sky) in ten days. It was increasingly foggy during those days, so much so that 2pm seemed like dusk. [/whine]

That handspun is gorgeous!

The hat looks pretty - I think keeping it in ribbing is a great idea.

You are so cryptic. *L*

This s why I avoid most forums. Wooooo-saaaaaaah

Hey, I'm the goddess of data, not of knitting! ;-)

You know, once when I was about 23, I went to the DMV in SF and the guy taking my picture took about 4 or 5 before HE was satisfied. Not so much lately....Happy hatting!

The hat is looking good! Excellent in fact!
Anyone who is going to knit for Christmas should start on December 26. There's a pretty good chance of getting it done that way....or learn how to knit first and then get the projects done. ;)
Happy knitting!

World's dumbest fish?
I have to admit that now I want to get you started on the world's dumbest fish...
(And a couple of minutes ago, I never would have dreamed that I would soon be typing that sentence.)

I have never, ever, EVER knit ANYTHING for a gift. Ever. I've knit things and given them away, but never on a deadline.


I take that back. I knitted a cowl for Christmas. That person got it in June.

Oooh, that is pretty! It reminds me of malachite. You're right, the ribbing does show it off so nicely.

Stay warm & dry today. I too have a so very bad DMV photo. My one friend looked at it and said, "how you doing, Patty Hearst?"

Very pretty as I'm sure your picture is too. When is the deadline for Christmas knitting? ;-)

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