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Thursday, December 04, 2014


That hat could be worn while hunting deer! Wow, it's bright! The yarn sounds wonderful.
It's TV watching time...I wonder if the TV producers realize that now is when they should have new shows on and not doing "winter finales"...
You do know how to spin!!

Well, that hat will certainly get the wearer noticed!

I really like the Clappy-thing pattern, too. It drapes so nicely, and works well with hand-dyed yarn.

Psst! You're missing a word. I'm guessing you mean "I've been [spinning] a lot lately."

Love the Clappy thing - nothing more fun than dropping stitches! I've got none of those shows in my rotation, watching How to Get Away with Murder and a couple others. TGIF my friend.

I read your posts because I love your sense of humor and you are one mother-effing good spinner! LOL
Blogless Mary Lou

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