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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Blue? You're actually making something blue??


It's blue-tiful!

PS. I need a carpet like that.

The yarn is lovely

Pretty color yarn and cashmere too...sounds lovely! Round and round and round we go. :D

What a gorgeous hat that will be!

Pretty color! (rug and yarn)

News people are like that.

Ooh, pretty! So many hat patterns on the Rav. I'm working on Kemuri Hat (good pattern - won't piss you off b/c of errors). Hope I have enough yarn. Story of my life.

I'm getting a bit sick of the 100 year storms too. It's rained every day in December, bar 2 or 3 and we still have to conserve water. I didn't think the storm the other day was too bad either but I did find my deck furniture had blown off the deck for the first time. Based on this measure, I'd say it was at least 100 year wind - if that's a thing ;-o

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