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Sunday, December 07, 2014


You want exciting, I'll photograph some snow to go with your orange. Yes, it is cold here.

I'm sure those in colder climes will look longingly at your orange and the warm winter weather that produced it. It's a fab orange, in fact the neighbor's lemon tree is over run and they don't seem to pick them. Would it be right to "help" them? No. It probably wouldn't?!?

Pretty orange! When the tree blooms does it smell wonderful? I've never been close to a blooming orange tree!

It would be around here. That's downright TROPICAL.

Did you eat it?

What does it mean when a hat is more orange than an orange?

I'm totally jealous that you live in a place where orange trees are real. That's just totally exotic to me here in Iglooland.

Did you eat the orange? Maybe you should knit a hat for it?

Lovely! Sure, it's not a vibrant orange orange, but it's yours.

Meanwhile here we're expecting a major snowstorm today/tomorrow.

I'm sorry you don't like to eat them. I hope you at least enjoy the scent.

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