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Thursday, November 06, 2014


That yarn is gorgeous!

You mean the squirrels haven't gathered all the nuts yet?

Happy anniversary. That project is a lovely color.

I'm wondering if the 2 squirrels that hang out on my deck, where I've put a feeder for them, are going to ask to come in once it starts snowing!


I just came to check on you and you're here! Weekend involves painting and sewing. Yes, you did read that correctly. Love the color and look of that yarn!

Squirrelpocalypse does NOT sound like my cup of tea. Oooh! Tea!

Don't you think a year celebration is a reason for some new fiber?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'm an expert at enabling.

The slippers look perfect! Warm and cozy. Love the hat-to-be. Great color.
Must be the year of the squirrel. They are taking over our town! They come right up to the patio door. Yea, we keep that door locked! O.0

Socks for your head, socks for your feet. Hurray for socks!
Just promise you won't start knitting socks for the squirrels...

And a state of happiness. Coincidence? I think not.

Congratulations. Freedom from judging is good.

Hooray for your judgy pants freedom! Everyone deserves to be happy. Loving the hat- I knit one last month, my first FO in probably a year. Looking at the stash and my current clothing lineup, more may be in store,

Nice knitting and that pattern looks very cool and comfy.

Happy and relaxed is truly fabulous. Hugs on that for sure.

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