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Monday, November 17, 2014


I can't even imagine being strong enough to give away those socks!
And your sweater color is gorgeous, whether or not it's the real color. I love what I'm seeing on my monitor, and that's good enough for me...

Yay for drama free! And for keeping some socks for yourself.

Those socks are awesome. Truly.

Those socks. Just my colors. Enjoy them.

Mallard! The socks are lovely. Spinning? People spin? I'm just trying to refresh my warm winter woollies over here before I turn into a Popsicle.

You have such wonderful taste in colors! Love the socks and the sweater yarn.

Love the socks and the color!!


The sweater will be wonderful and the socks look cozy warm. Both great colors!
Of course the yarn is discontinued. The best stuff always is.

Socks for you! That's fabulous. Hope the sweater stays drama free!

The color of the sweater is great! And the socks, well if I could only reach right through this screen and snatch them!

I'm sure your new sweater will be lovely, and just right for you. I like Galway and imagine it would make a cozy sweater.

Those socks are gorgeous! It's so good that you realized they belong to you and have kept them.

Can't wait to see that lovely spinning! xoxo

Those truly are charming socks.

You saw this, right?

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