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Monday, October 13, 2014


The color of the socks is beautiful. JessaLu does some fabulous bags.

yay I'm glad it arrived and that you love it! Love the socks! xoxo

Cute bag! Very season appropriate.
We are having a bit of nice weather this week and I think today is the day I wash windows outside.
Happy Tuesday and Happy Spinning!!

The week is off to a great start. Fabulous bag, awesome socks, supportive friends, fixed wheel - yippee!

Hi! I love the pattern and the socks too. That bag is just the funnest thing for fall. Computer doesn't like funnest. Here's to happy days and smiles girl!

My favorite thing I saw about Monday went something like this: There's nothing like the fear of a deadly virus coming to this continent to remind you to wish everyone a happy columbus day. Yeah, I guess I'm a bit off in my reactions to some things.

That bag is a wonderful little bit of fabulous.

Those socks look like they offer a wonderful fit with all of the hugging.

Yay! I'm so glad your spinning wheel is well again and you can spin when you want! xoxo

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