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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


I knew you were funny, but I promised not to tell. Oh... Ooops...

I knew you were funny and I told everyone!

Of course you're funny! Why do you think I hang around? ;-)


You're very funny. I didn't realize this was news.

Allergies are bad right now. I'm usually able to discontinue meds by October, but not this year. Of course I have a frost to look forward to.

You could just post a picture a day. I think I'm cleaning out a fish tank this weekend. Ugh.

Yay! Man socks! Glad the yarn worked out, even if it isn't all that bright.

I think you were a wee bit distracted last year.

Great socks and pretty sky picture!
My question is how big is the box that you have to fill with socks?
Hope it rains or freezes or whatever is needed to change things for your allergies.

I love Marilyn's comment! He's a lucky guy! And yes, here's to clearing the air. Happy Friday my friend.

Of course we know you're funny.

Man socks fun, but what is a "box of socks". Meaning is it something other than several pairs of hand knit socks.

Sorry to hear that the allergies are trying to kill you. Good luck.

Yay! I'm glad you are getting things back as they should be with your wheel. Do you know which espinner you want? Do they all have those WoolieWinder style flyers, or is that an extra? It seems like something one would find even more useful on an espinner. Then again, I do not know much about them, so probably don't listen to me. I hope you get what you want.

I think making the box of socks is exciting. How big of a pair of blockers do you need? I hope the wheel and the socks is all that gives you blogging troubles, and the allergies and smoke clear away for you. xoxo

Smokey skies make for spectacular sunsets. So there is that. Hope your breathing gets better SOON.

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