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Thursday, October 30, 2014


er, I'm out.

Happy to hear all is well!

Hip Hoppity.

Glad you're not dead.

Those are colorful socks!
Glad all is going fine. :)

Thanks for letting us know you're still hanging around! Nice soxks!

Nice! Will he be wearing those with shorts???

Impressive collection. That green looks so subdued compared to the others.

Which is more fun - socking or mocking?

I'm sure we would have heard if you were in so unenlightened lock down. Glad your well. Lovely sock progress. I've go a pile of other things to knit for others again. Oh well. It's all yarn I'm enjoying.

The pile of lovely socks is growing nicely! I am very glad you are neither dead nor incarcerated. In truth, I have higher wishes for you than those, but some days they are high accomplishments. xoxo

And voting, right? RIGHT?

Holy crap! That's a lot of socks.

I like the tie dye effect of the top pink pair. Lovely!

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