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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Pink! Love it! Too bad about the fail though. Was that the multicolor? I think you had a pic on fb.
The stripy ones are great too. Almost matchy matchy. And should be super soft with the alpaca. :)

Pretty! Love the color of the top sock to be.
Our fall has been beautiful, although it's gray today. I hear your blue skies are headed our way.

That deep pink is fabulous. For some reason I keep finding more of that stuff in my wardrobe. OMG! Is pink going to be the red hat for our generation?

Simple but lovely, for sure! Did you get rid of the bad fiber or have a plan to rid it of its trouble?

I'm glad the rain came to you and cleaned your air. Breathing really is important. Hope your weekend is wonderful! xoxo

All of the socks are beautiful and I hope you wear the bottom ones with something that shows them off big time because they rock! Looks like we've got good weather ahead. Had a slumber party with a couple of 87 year olds last night. Those CA guys are crazy! ;-)

I love how the socks on top look - are those twisted stitches? Such a pretty texture.

I'm not sure I believe you about not minding that the bottom socks aren't perfectly matchy-matchy, but I'll go along with it. They're definitely close enough for me.

Sorry about the handspun - it looked like it was going so well in the photo you had.

I LOVE that pink. My favoritest color on earth (and yes, favoritest is a word. I said so and that makes it so) What is that pattern? Is it a twisted stitch? While still being fairly simple, it has interest.

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