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Saturday, September 27, 2014




Ugh! The WORST! (Your day, not mine!)

I thought my day was going to be a lazy Saturday. Started out going to a ladies' luncheon fundraiser for the local hospice and then thought I'd knit a few rows. My brother from MN showed up and we visited for a couple hours and then I got recruited to help the men move from field to field. They are a little freaked. Lotsa soybeans to combine and it's gonna rain for days and be cold. /sigh
You'll have to make the coaster smaller and use it when you drink from a demitasse cup! :D

Better than yours, apparently.



I hate when that happens. Once I wrote to the yarn company complaining that their full-priced (not seconds) skein of yarn had four joins in it. They sent me two complimentary skeins and a note of apology. I wasn't asking for anything, just wanted to let them know that quality control was lacking. The worst is when there's a join in a color pattern yarn that ruins the pattern repeat (as in sock yarn). Hope today is going better. My son is getting married today! Happy Day!
Blogless Mary Lou

Stupid yarn knot.

It was a good day until I discovered that last night's giant windstorm flattened all of my tomato plants. Not that you care about tomato plants.

Crab stitch is extra-crabby sometimes...

I HATE when that happens!

Are you finding that knot-in-the-middle-of-a-skein thing is happening more often lately? I recently came across two within three feet of each other. (Much gnashing of teeth.)

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