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Monday, September 15, 2014


Too bad the yarn shop was a disappointment.
I can't parallel park either. When faced with it I generally decide that I don't need whatever I'm after and just leave. /sigh

I will walk 12 blocks in order to avoid parallel parking. I am willing to be tattooed (on my face) "Not Allowed to Parallel Park"...
Yay for spinning!

Funny how we all have our talents. I can't spin nearly as well as you do (I haven't practiced enough, I know that). But I can parallel park with the best of them (because I have to practice that almost every day just to be able to go into my house).
I hate when I specifically go to a store, yarn or otherwise just to find it a let down. Makes me feel cheated.

I'm glad you did something fun on Friday. ;-) And I'm an excellent parallel parker! (I only have so many talents I can brag about...) Spinning, hmmm that equals fiber. Where did I put that stuff???

"Just don't drive up there in the hopes of finding something fabulous and world class because, honey, it's not that." Cracked me up, because I JUST experienced this with a quilt show I went to. Paid $6 to see just a fraction of what was in years past. So disappointing. I lost precious crafting time - AND I put on pants with a button! Lame.

(I don't comment often, but I literally LOL'd when I read that...)

But now you have that other yarn store to look forward too. Hopefully it won't be as disappointing.

Parallel parking is awful, and my hubby was just commenting last weekend on how he was glad we were sububanites for the very same reason!

I saw some Louisa Harding at a Tuesday Morning this week, and it made me happy to think someone could find such fancy yarn (the silk ribbon fabric and a silky hank threaded with beads) although the discount wasn't that great.

I would be happy to help you improve your parallel parking skills anytime!

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