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Thursday, September 25, 2014


I love peas! And the yarn I'm knitting with :-) and the socks coming from that yarn. And people need to just shut up.

It is the weekend already. yay! Your unscheduled rain is about to hit us, unwelcome though it is. Love the blue skies, even if they are short lived.

Beautiful blue sky picture!
I've seen the green socks on FB or Rav. Very cool.
Ooo, the roast etc sound yummy. I'm hungry now!

A yummy roast, a haircut, and shopping - sounds like you're on a roll for a nice weekend.

What time is dinner? I'll bring the wine!

I worship your turn of phrase..."my lack of fucks to give".

That dinner sounds delicious. You could tell the person concerned about your need for a hobby that you already have one ... minding your own business.

From my favourite tech: "I currently running in a f*cks to give deficit. If you want me to give a f*ck, take a number and get in line." Seems about right today except you have tuned me up with the idea of the crock pot...

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