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Thursday, September 04, 2014


Cute coaster. And that is exactly the way the world works!

Love the coaster. I'm not shocked that you are still knitting that sweater because Dude! TWELVE INCHES of ease! It's really like you are knitting two sweaters. (yes I know your bust size is not 12" but I think you know what I mean)

Very cute coaster and pretty pink besides!
A sweater takes time...especially one that has that much ease. I'm not happy with my sweater swatching. I may forget about the sweater for now and knit a Christmas stocking instead....
Happy Coaster Crocheting! :p

How about a different coaster that doesn't use crab stitch?

You're just trying to prove me wrong! ;-) Cute coaster.

I try to get through the PITA that is crab stitch by remembering that lace and cables are also PITAs, but we do them anyway because the final effect is so totally cool...

I am shocked that the coaster is pink. Like the sweater.

That's sort of how I ended up with a metric ton of cotton dishcloths.

Okay those are cute and I should make some for me new place. Hope you are well Cookie. I still use the heck out of my purple shawl.

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