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Monday, September 22, 2014


Wild turkey -- what a good name for a liqueur!

Interesting that there are turkeys in town. Cool but I still think they are nasty, messy things.
Open windows are a good thing. Am doing the same thing here.
Hope the headache goes away and stays away!

Happiness is open windows with screens so the turkeys don't fly in.

Our turkeys haven't shown up yet ... in a few weeks they'll be stopping traffic. My harbinger tree is starting to turn, though, so autumn is definitely on the way.

Turkey! I miss ours. If I should take a picture of our wildlife, it would be a bunch of unsupervised spawnlings.

Hooray for open windows! Glad the fire isn't so close that you're all smokey.

Wow. Turkeys! I'm not used to seeing such large birds in the wild (seagulls don't count).

They're like ENORMOUS QUAIL.

(P.S. Hope you feel better soon)

Turkeys are mean, and might be the cause of the headache.

Open windows here too, YAY! My A/C electric bills have been something else and it wasn't even that hot here. I can see leaves changing out of my office window (more accurately the two way mirror that looks at the glass front door of my office, so I see them, but in a slightly different color than they really are).

Watch out for those turkeys! They're always cranky.
I hope you feel better:)

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