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Friday, September 12, 2014


Lovely color! I am shocked that it took two weeks, but only because I imagine it would take me two months or maybe six! I'm not a fast knitter at all....

I'm so glad you are happy with it! It looks very cool and the color is one that I love. :)
Hope today was ok for you...have a good weekend.

LOVE the color. The sweater is intriguing ... too much ease for me, but perhaps for my older daughter? Hmmmmm.

I like it! Even though it took you for-everrr. :-) Social is good!

yay for being social and having fun. I like the top a lot--but need to go check it out on ravelry to see it on humans. Looks comfy too.

Looks great! I am glad that you took "so long" because you were being social and having fun.

Stupid cute, that is! Nice top and perfect for your/our climate. It's probably still too hot to wear it outside, but some day soon!

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