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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Ooo, ooo, ooo....I've got another pair of socks almost done...I've gotta hurry.
Happy to hear the sweater pattern is causing no problems. Love the zebra print! :)

Tomorrow? Really? Huh.

How about a Winter of Socks? Just to be contrary.
I've been working on a pair of socks lately. I only started them a year ago or so...

I understand why you are not socking this summer.

I think I have seen several people bringing home neon sock yarn recently for some day.

What sweater pattern is this? xoxo

That yarn is so cheerful I almost can't stand it. Almost. I think I want some.

I don't knit socks very often. But there are lots of other things to knit with sock yarn...

I totally get your issue with socks. Hopefully their association with grief and loss will fade over time. I certainly wish that for you.

You definitely needed a break from the socks. And yes, there will thankfully never be another summer like that one.

I love pink and yellow.

Yay for the sweater!

I must admit I now want "Neon Now!" sock yarn. It sounds like some of those protest chants at Berkeley I remember.

Pink sweater looks lovely with the zebra striped. (No, I am not being snarky. It really does look nice.)

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