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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Beautiful Project. Do love IndigoDragonfly. Great yarn names to go with pretty colors. I've got Clapo-Ktus in my queue. I'm so glad I'm not the only one wondering how to pronounce it.

Very pretty! And hooray for soothe-the-spirit knitting!

Very pretty! Love the color and so glad it chased some demons away. The name makes me think of octopus...or of a disease....just the way my brain works I guess. o.0

I love that you nailed it to a fence.

Yay! It's beautiful, and I'm glad you had a win! Now I want to make another one of those. A little larger than my first one.


How funny. I saw a pattern on another knit blog today and was thinking, that scarf and yarn would look better as a Clapotis! Looks delightfully smooshy, and I love blue so naturally I love the color, too.


You did knit it! <3 I have the yarn balled for it, but there is too much "grrrrr" right now and not enough time. Nailing things is always good. Or is that pegging? I get so confused.

That's beautiful. Soothing and squishy. And that blue! Indigo Dragonfly rocks. Welcome back to the here and now.

Eeeee, I need to knit that pattern!!

It's so lovely! I have been thinking of you so much knowing what this time last year was. xoxo

I do love a nicely nailed shawl.

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