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Sunday, August 24, 2014


*snort* there's now a line on the project page "this pattern has been tested".

Notice it says nothing about corrected after the test ;-)

Did I mention I'm knitting again? Slowly, and just a scarf, but I have a project on the needles!

This is the reason I stopped buying patterns that have no ratings/reviews, or aren't by certain designers I already know and love. EVERY OTHER PATTERN I buy needs fixing, sometimes major, sometimes minor, but always something... if I wanted to design something I'd do it without paying for it!

I'm leery of patterns with few projects and free ones in particular but this is a paid for pattern...you'd think she would have put more effort into it.
So you are saying that I shouldn't do the square shawl that she has... ;)

Well. You certainly made the best of it . . . because that it a cute little accessory! Ravelry has its plusses and its minuses, that's for sure!

FU but not FUBAR. I would have ripped that out long, long before completion.

Because there is no way I could have figured that edging out from the picture and fixed it. Wow.

Ottoman of Shame. I love it! :)

You sure do have perseverance...

That fence is getting quite the workout! Beautiful job girl, of course!

You're intrepid. I would have taken the refund and fled, taking my time and money to a well-known designer. However, you made it work and you have a shawl to show for your time. It's darling! Good work, my friend.

You have more patience and smarts than I do--I wouldn't have been able to figure out that lace!

You've done more lace than most, of course you figured it out! For Pete's sake, you've done Neibling! You did get a cute little number out of it, but I too would have walked and not been so patient with the designer. Even if she did refund your money, life is too short to have to put all that work into a pattern just to make it work.

Good on you for figuring it out.
I guess you're the "test knitter", ffs.

It is a cute shawl and you did an excellent recovery with the given resources! The designer certainly has potential but if the people buying her design are thwarted by a poorly written pattern, the designer will have a very short career as a designer---- no matter how cute the knitted thing looks. You did her a favor by giving her straight feedback and assistance. I hope the designer uses this experience to her profit. You did a good thing by helping, as well as giving us a heads up.

It's a cute shawl-it's a shame there were all those problems with the pattern. You shouldn't have to be a test knitter. Good thing you're more than experienced enough with lace to figure it out.

I thought you called it the Ottoman of Shame for other reasons...

Too bad about the pattern quality. It's cute so hopefully it'll get updated so it'll be knittable by the masses.

I will never, ever, purchase a pattern that does not post new with at least 5 projects. And that is also why I may love more than a few Twist C. patterns, but will never buy another. I don't understand the lack of testing, especially when multiple sizes are involved, or alternate yarn options.

You are so kind to offer so much assistance to this new designer. I hope she takes the feedback to heart, makes the changes to this pattern, and employs testers in the future. Taking the Craftsy class would probably be a good idea, too.

You have done a wonderful job, and this is so cute. I hope your PinkyD loves it. xoxo

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