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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sometimes I think math-literacy is even worse (if that's possible) than word-literacy, and it kind of terrifies me when thinking about the future. Heaven help us all if all the computers crashed and people were left with just paper, pencils, books, and their brains!

Ummmm. Wow. Maybe it's because I was an accounting major. . . but it's hard for me to believe that ANYONE can be that . . . well, bad . . . with basic maths.

I got into a long conversation with the cashier at our local coffee shop yesterday about how nobody knows how to count back change any more. You know ... your bill is $13.48, I give you a twenty and three pennies, and -- WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE COMPUTER IN THE CASH REGISTER -- you figure out how much to give me back.

We agreed that it's a lost art.

If you don't get it, just DO it, and if you still don't get it, you may be doomed. It doesn't take a mastermind, but it does take a mind.

I try to remind myself that I don't always get the full underlying message in literature. I'll let the literary ones illuminate me and I will do their tax return. Win-win.

It is crazy scary how many people can't add 2 + 2 without a calculator. I suppose that means that we shouldn't accept them to be able to perform multiplication and division, but I refuse to accept this. Then I feel that all doctors need to be able to pass differential equations not just college algebra. (I have rather high standards it would seem.)

Well what I learned in the south is "bless her heart". That works here. What was also interesting to me is that she's posted 332 times and can't make a hat. Hmm.

But she never said which pattern. Or even the color. Or whether the yarn was acrylic. How can math alone be the answer.

Nobody needs to know how to do math any more now that they have computers/calculators/phones, etc.

Oh, yeah... except for when that doesn't work for a situation like this.

Do they even do word problems like this in school any more, or require kids to memorize multiplication tables? I must admit that it's much harder for me to add/subtract/multiply in my head than it used to be, since I rarely need to do that any more. But at least I can still do it, and count back change.

This gal is lazy and inconsiderate but the one that you mentioned on FB yesterday tops even this. She wanted everything figured out and written up for her. Really? How lazy can you be???
And yes, they still do math word problems in school. I've seen it with my own eyes when 1st DGD has done homework at my house. :)

It's funny what parts of schooling leave such memories and greater appreciation later in life.

This (and I am guessing the other example you are currently pondering publishing) is why I have to stay away from the Big6 boards on Rav. I just get sucked in and want to help and end up feeling grouchy. I'm impressed with the way you are able to keep up with it all and be so helpful. xoxo

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