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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Love the shawl! And the paper towels. I've never seen pretty paper towels like that here in igloo land.

Lovely scarf! And the paper towels are wise.

But two of the friends have fallen down and can't get up...
Love the shawl!

Reds always try to fool the camera, but the shawl looks great.
I have that saying on a sampler. The border is stitched with my friends names. Wise words!

Holy cow - done in 4 days?! Love it (and just queued it). Gorgeous!

Very pretty! And very bright. Wow. That brand of yarn tends to have stunning colors though.
Your paper towels are very wise. :)

Well, that was quick.

So pretty! Interesting title for today, BTW

Made one last year. Thinking of making another since I gave away the 1st one. I remember it being a simple quickish knit. After all it was my office waiting room knitting for a week or two. I don't remember trying to use it as my stoplight and traffic project though.

V. nice! How long is it end to end?

Very pretty! I'll have to investigate since I'm so good at rocking out the FOs. You've got a pretty good garden going! ;-)

And apparently our friends got drunk in the garden and fell over....but the first friend just stands over them, bragging because she didn't fall over? Or sad because she's a flower in a pot and can't help them back up? I don't get it....

Or maybe I'm just snarky.

Yes, that's probably it.

Cute shawl with an impressive wingspan. I love that hard to photo yarn, very pretty. Just the thing in August ;-)

I've stopped reading comments in many internet places. Eventually you just get Obama rants and those that say they met a rich husband - all on page with a brownie recipe. Sheesh.

Finally! Aha

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