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Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Yes. I am glad you are back!
As for the ice pick...there is a new invention called the ice cube. They are made in special divided trays that you put in the freezer...voila, ice chunks.
There I go again...being snide. /forgive me?? /flutters eyes at you
The shawl is looking very pretty!

Is ice pick a code word for something else??? Though Target and Ace would not be the answer there. ;-) (It was Sharon that set my mind a wanderin'.)

Amazon lists bunches of them in the home & kitchen section, but I would have tried the places you did, too. Kohls? Bed Bath & Beyond?

I think Bed, Bath and Beyond has everything in the world. I'd go there. Can't you just use a screwdriver?

I've had to stop reading comments in certain arenas since they will either put you right off something that's just fine, or make you sooooo mad you want to spit. And run amok with an ice pick.

I don't even remember where I bought my ice pick. (But no, you can't have it.)

I don't see why ice picks are any more of a weapon than knives, though I suppose they're less obvious when the business end is hidden in wood. o.O

Mine gets used for lots of stuff, but hardly ever for ice. Stabbing squash is probably the most common usage.

Anyway, I agree with the BBB as a likely source. Or some other kitchen specialty store.

Isn't what you can buy and can't buy asinine. Good luck with the hunt. You may need to try the highend kitchen stores. (Best of luck with them.)


I'm not even going to ask what you really need the ice pick for...
I once read a long comment thread by a bunch of people who couldn't wrap their brains around the concept of a YO. It just seemed so very very complicated to them. Made me despair for the human race.

Glad you're back :)

> They carry electric can openers but not in the summer.

Um, what?

If you send me your address I will send you an ice pick obtained from the great city of San Francisco, land of ice picks and all the kitchen specialty stores of the universe. There's 2 Surly Tables, a Williams Sonoma, a "Gourmet Depot", and some place called Le Sanctuaire within walking distance of my work. (I should have your address somewhere already, but I don't have my shit together much these days.)

I can follow a chart if and only if it's knit in the round. I cannot remember that symbols that mean one thing when I am knitting right to left mean something different when moving left to right. I don't know if I am just not smart enough or just don't care enough to keep trying!

(I am still finishing up my Tour spinning......BUT I did finish the wedding dress)


Here you go. Bed Bath and Beyond has one with a sheath. cheap, too

The poor designer indeed... I read the questions and commments about her pattern and had to refrain from banging my head on my desk. "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." She finally told everybody that she would no longer offer tech support (poor dear). Your spinning is lovely, btw, the colors, the plying, the texture, all of it!
blogless Mary Lou

About being back - definitely. There is a gap when you are not posting.

About ice pick - please tell us Why an Ice Pick? Are you having a very swank cocktail pahhhty and want James the Bartender to be pinging off chunks of ice for the cocktails? If so, send picture of cocktails and/or James (neither of which will come close to as lovely as your spinning.)

Have used with various success: hammer, screwdriver, ice cubes, blow dryer(!), paring knife (bandaids were required but no stitches).

I cannot begin to understand how designers deal with the riffraff. . .

I've had that one on my list for quite a while, too. Yours is looking great. Sometimes it seems like the queue is the kiss of death for me actually knitting a pattern.

I won't even look at the comment section, because my head might kerplode. With over 900 finished projects, I cannot imagine that the task is as complicated as some have tried to make it. Those are some of the reasons that even when I take the time to write up a pattern I do not put it out there. I'm just not feeling ready to take on pattern support. xo

Well honey. Awls are just the hardware store name for ice picks.

And Ace Hardware is awesome. Haven't been in one in forever.

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