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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Clearly (not)Big (not)Alice knows her pointy weapons.
Sitting back now to await the epic blog post...

That looks like a fabulous ice pick! I didn't know they came in pink...

::ducks and runs away::

Hey - that looks exactly like mine!

Have ice yet?

Ways you know you live in a climate that doesn't see true winter: thought the ice pick was some sort of new spinning tool. The yarn is lovely, and is that a fuzzy halo on the WIP?

I hate having to copy edit as I knit! I'll give leeway to a vintage pattern, but everything else needs editing!

So happy that you got the ice pick...did you also get ice??
Such pretty pink knitting! I love the fuzziness. :D

Yay! I hope you figure out the right knitting choice answer for you. The colors are so pretty! xo

I tried to send ice, but it melted.

Hey, I have big feet. And I'm an Alice in spirit.
I hope it is nice and sharp and picky.

May I ask what you are using your ice pick for? I have a very, very old one now. I got it from my late mother's kitchen when helping my siblings clear out. I really have no use for it but I remember watching my dad chop blocks of ice to put into the cooler in the 1950s, so I knew I needed to keep it. I just don't know why. Enjoy your ice pick!

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