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Saturday, August 02, 2014


I missed you on the blog but happily saw you other places so all is good!
Very pretty patterns that you won...will be looking forward to seeing them knit. :)
Love the red and pink wrap/scarf thingy. A modeled shot please?

Was wondering where you went, figured wherever it was was probably more fun than posting! Lovely yarn!

Haha I just can't be arsed doing bugger all with my blog and got out of all that rambling I do. Decided the other day to put a bit of effort in and actually write. Stolen meme? I'm intrigued. There are so many knitting ones about that are so similar I do wonder who stole the idea from who. Nice to know life goes on when blogging doesn't. Who would think it?

Love that red scarf/stole!

Happy to see you back :-)

Nice to see you are alive and spinning.

Good to hear from you and hope all else is well. Lovely knitting and, as usual, your spinning is amazing.

You're back! I was about to send up a flare!

Summer vacation stuff here. On a MAJOR documentary kick, having discovered the HBO database. Some really interesting stories out there.

I also have very little to say on my blog, but it is my blog and I don't believe in schedules. Solidarity! Or something far less militant.

Lucky you, to win all of those lovely patterns.

It's definitely hard to get excited about blogs these days, reading or writing. But I'm still glad you're back.

I did a little spinning, too. And a whole heck of a lot of jam making! Now giving away lots of jam. But keeping the really good stuff for me. Because I'm kind of bitchy like that.


I miss you when you're not here. I realize I can see you other places, but sometimes I forget to go to those places...
Pretty shawls! Both the prize patterns and the one in progress!

Oh, the spinning is so gorgeous, and even more beautiful seeing it all together! You are so talented! Now I hope you enjoy your time away from the wheel. So many different times and seasons to life, and all the best to you as discover what is right for you.

I'll count myself a little confused here. I always thought you didn't care for people asking why you haven't been blogging, or encouraging you to blog more. I wondered, but kept quiet because I didn't think it my business, and figured you would return to it if that was your choice. If I've been wrong on that count, I do apologize if my silence has been hurtful. I am often quiet, and sometimes I forget that it can come across as uncaring, no matter what my intentions. If you're done with blogging/reading/commenting/etc, I do understand and wish you well in your next adventure. I'll miss you bunches! xoxo

I missed you. I'm sorry I didn't email. I'm glad to hear that you're all right and sitting on a mountain of beautifully spun yarn. Congratulations on the pattern collection!

Lurker here! I check almost everyday to see if I can figure out who you are mad at! Your Ravelry life is way more interesting than mine.

The yarn is beautiful, the scarf wrap thingie is exquisite and you are lucky to have won such gorgeous patterns. There are times when you just need a break, from the blog, from spinning, whatever, and you should just do what feels right to you. But then, I have been in contact through Ravelry, so I was not out in the dark. Although I am glad to see you here today!

We do miss you, but don't want to hassle you about blogging. Looks like you had a wonderfully successful TDF. In love with some of the beauties you created.

PS Mindless knitting isn't boring. I know I'm always on the look out for good mindless projects for myself. It's always nice to have a recommendation or two in the queue.

Stay as cool as the weather will allow.

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