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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Not knitting socks!! Are you feeling OK? ;)

Glad to hear you have nice weather. It's been fall-like here.

Happy spinning and enjoy the weekend!

It is glorious here. Loud and bangy poppy, but beautiful. My house is closed because Ms. Stinky is terrified of fireworks. Hugs, Dumplin'. Enjoy your beautiful weather while it lasts. It is July after all!

Enjoy those cool evenings my friend! We're in for a beauty here. And I'm not knitting socks either...when do we start? xo

What? Explain yourself, missy! :D

People still knit socks? Since I finished that five and a half year weaving thing, maybe I can dust off my wheel and play along. I'm sure I don't have as much fiber anymore, but I should probably get to using what I do have.

Nice photo! Enjoy those pleasant evenings.

I knew it was July because WB came to me screaming with excitement about that very fact. We're that much closer to going to visit her cousins, you see.

We haven't had cool evenings for a week or so. I miss them.

I knew it was July, but the fact that it is almost Tour time was a surprise to me until Wednesday.

Enjoy those beautiful evenings! xo

Nice sig line. No explaining is much easier for everybody that matters.

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