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Thursday, June 12, 2014


The knitting looks wonderful and I agree with Kym and purple. It's always a good color to go with.
Glad to hear the pattern issues have resolved themselves. Hope it stays that way through row 79. :)

Wait! What happened to pink. I thought that was your default, although purple is grand, too! I've been doing a lot of tinking and ripping. Hope you have great success to the end! xox

That first picture? Cute, but they don't look mindless. They look like traps. I like them, though.

Your mindless knitting is spectacular. I can't even talk while working on this mystery KAL. And that is a hardship! Happy Friday my friend!

Mindless is often a very good thing. So is purple.

That is one loverly doily. I'm so very glad you updated. I had no idea you had returned to your spinning after being gone for so very long (AHEM!). Huggies, and you'll love your warshrags!! Utilitarian and beautiful!

Do you need cotton? I have some solid stuff that is quite lovely to work with.

Very pretty green thinger you've got there. It's looking a bit like peacock feathers - in a stylized kind of way. Keep cool!

I need more dishcloths. Maybe I'll go round this time.

The little cotton flower cloths are very cool. Love the green circle of knitting. I imagine you've finished with that by now.

so purty like a spring garden

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