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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Happy first day of summer which means that the season finally fits the temps. Only 5 more months til fall, probably 6 for you. I do love that doily and the enamel dish looks exquisite on it. Happy Saturday, person!!!!

The doily is just trying to be itself.

You've been making me think about making doilies! It's been a long time since I made one. I don't think I ever knit one other than a washcloth-type - the old ones were all crocheted. But I could use a couple on my nightstands. Square might be better than round, though.


It's a very pretty doily. The stitch pattern closest to the outside edge is very cool. The kinda pineappley skin looking stuff. Yea, probably doesn't look like that in person.
Yay! Summer! If it only acts like summer now in our part of the world. We are barely eeking out 70s yet.
Have a good weekend!

No, I'm not going to think about Winter. Not when it is green and lush and raining. ;)

Fabulous doily.

Dude, today it's not quite Africa hot but we're crammed with folks who think watching cars go in a circle is fascinating. Argh.

Your doily is quite pretty. Whatever you did there was perfect.

Focus on the football. It might help. Can't wait to see what's next.

A most beautiful piece my friend. Wishing you a cool breeze today!

You are a wonder to have knit something so beautifully perfect from an old pattern you had to decipher. You must feel quite the accomplished knitter to have created something that lovely. The edging is stunning.

Oh, that turned out nice! I especially like those textured sections on the outer part and the flares at each of the points.

My Mom has a big book of doily patterns that my Grandmother collected over the years, back in the bad old days of Knitting-is-not-cool. She used to have us scour used book stores and magazines, looking for *knitted* doilly patterns (everything we found was crochet). Memorably she once found a pattern book in Italian and had my Dad take it to work and get his Italian coworker to translate it. It's always a pleasure when I can find a new pattern and pass it on to Mom for her to knit.

What's especially impressive about your doily is knowing that you knit it without charts. (This pattern is as old as I am, I am older than charts, therefore this pattern didn't have charts.)
And, as we both very well know, knitting lace without a chart can be a one-way ticket to LoopyLand...

Oh, it is so pretty! I'm hiding out downstairs not thinking about the weather.

I just love the doily so much more knowing where you got the pattern. Having tackled a pattern or two of a certain age, I sure know how much skill and effort it required.

Sorry the earlier plan for the pink did not work out as you had first planned. What yarn is it? xoxo

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