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Monday, June 02, 2014


I like it! Maybe I should fave it on Rav too. Or would that be too much pressure? ;)

I like it too. You can send things out to be blocked? Hel-loooo!

No pressure. No pressure at all.
Is it done yet?

How about now? Huh? Now?

Oh, I loved your nibbling lace! So pretty. There are some fantastic old-time patterns out there- it was part of the reason I learned to read charts! That and the fact it is just way simpler!

Oh yea! I can't wait to see what happens during World Cup!

Is it still in the modern manner if it's from 1953? Whatever, it's very cool!

Looks like lace...it surely does! My mom used to crochet things like that...I've got crochet thread around here somewhere...
Sorry but I faved it too!

Once every four years sounds like a nice doily schedule.

I might dispute that "I'm not crazypants" on your Rav project page ;-)

No pressure! xxx

See? Even our Marilyn thinks it looks like lace, but, of course, neither she nor I had even considered the lacelace angle. And, I do think you are wonderful!

I remember being in NYC last world cup and getting up early before I had to work that afternoon and buying fabric. I still have most of that fabric, unsewn in the garage. I am going to get it out today/soon and use it! World cup knitting and sewing!

WOOOHOO! Doilies for the win!

"Months ago" is a long time... So, you were right.
Maybe your lace-knitting will inspire me to get mine out and finish it. But no pressure.

I am puzzled...was the piece that you sent out to be blocked and photographed lost? If so, what a shame. I'm looking forward to seeing your current finished project.
Blogless Mary Lou

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