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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well, bless your heart. And, the blue lovely is really really lovely. I'm also very sorry about the hair cut. Is it a bad cut or just not what you wanted?

Bunnies are nice. Except when they eat things that you don't want them to eat. Maybe they aren't nice.
The something blue is a very pretty color...
Please don't talk about winter. We just so barely have escaped the last one's clutches. AND it is only 59F right now. I wore a sweater today. o.0

I consider myself warned..... ;-)

What Marilyn said...

Well good for you. /runs

Are bunnies bad if you don't have a veggie garden? And are they worse than the lizard?

You knit gorgeous doilies. That is so pretty and I really like that it was your mom's pattern. I like that kind of "pass it down" thing.

We have tons of bunnies. The hawks are not doing their job.....
Some of the bunnies are curiously long haired leading me to believe that they mated with someone's pet that was let go.

I've been thinking of you and hoping that the games have been good and that your favorites would win.

What's the new blue thing? xoxo

That is a lovely blue!

So that is what that is code for! Not that I've heard it from you, have I? :D

Good luck learning the phone! But yay for the blocking!

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