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Monday, June 16, 2014


But what are you making? I'm knitting lace in what appears to be the exact same color right now.

The yarn I bought in a destash ended up being 2 different dye lots too. I alternated rows and am really glad I did. When knit, there was a big difference in the color.
What a pretty shade of pale pink though...love it!

Are you doing that thing you thought a ought doing in orange?

Yeah, you know the drill: alternate dye lots every other row. Your FO will look like the yarn was tonal, not screwy. That is a lovely tint, though (both of them).

I don't know. What WERE you thinking?

Reconsidering might be a brilliant move. Srsly.

Alternate skeins, or reconsider, then cast on for something else while mulling over which way to go.


You'd be bored if it was a p-I-t-a. ;-)

Can you alternate rows? Is it for a shawl?

Hmm. Have you taken it out in the blazing Sac sun to see if they look the same? If not, grab some Koolaid and dye it up because it's rather pretty. Plus it's fun to play with Koolaid (though it should never be consumed as a beverage).

Or, two dyelots = two projects...

Oh! I see what you mean. darn.

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