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Wednesday, May 07, 2014


He blew a head gasket. So I'll be getting all the paperwork together and looking for the car he wants. While he's sleeping off a 12 hour shift. F@$k me.

p.s. Did I mention it was 72 at 4 a.m.?

Holy crap you're up early/late! I have no woe today just a big car ride ahead. I'll be texting you!

I think it looks like a cake decorating tool, too, so it's not just you.
When I first got one of them, I was so enchanted by it that I made bias tape when I didn't even need bias tape...

All good fabric is being pushed out of the fabric stores. I mourn for the days of soft cottons and pure silks. The only woe is the rain. Walking a slow dog in pouring rain is not a good way to start ones day. Since I didn't melt I'll be fine.

I remember when seersucker was cotton. I even had a prom dress made of seersucker. Softest stuff around. I knew you'd break down and buy another bias tape thingy. I do the same thing. Some day my house will be filled with duplicate everything. Still old crappy towels, but everything else in duplicate. It's Hump Day, so I'm a bit more human than the past two days. Hugs.

I didn't know a bias tape thingy existed. When I quilted I did it by hand. Who knew!! (It does look like a cake decorating tip.)
It is quite a spell until there is a candy holiday...all the way to Halloween? Wow. How did that be allowed to happen??
Happy Wednesday!

I only did bias tape by hand. No wonder I hated it.

I've never seen "True Blood", but the Pontiff makes me watch "Arrow" with him, and I'm amazed at how all the women look alike even when they aren't all white people. They all have similar body shape, hair, and facial features - just in different colors.

No woe from me this Wednesday. But I did have substantial yelling at a peripheral device. Plus the dog-shedding has begun. So there is that.

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