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Monday, May 26, 2014


Your life is more exciting, and productive, than mine is. Fershur.

The pattern looks like lotsa lotsa stockinette. Very pretty colors!
Different degrees of dry...well...umm...damp if you want to iron. That's it. It's all I can come up with.
Yay on the shower repairs!

I love those colors together. Merino and silk? Mmm...

A manicure is always fair payment for hassles. (Or wine. Or chocolate. Or both.) As far as different degrees of dry . . . technology marches on. And that's all I have to say about that.

50 shades of dry?

I spoiled myself with a mani-pedi. Life is good.

Ooh pretty!
I envy your new dryer:) Mine is making a banging noise I am ignoring.
Good for you fixing the shower! Treat yourself to a manicure with the money you saved by NOT calling a plumber:)

I was going to say Marco - Polo so you must Mani -Pedi. Here's to new dryers and dry clothes.
Yes, it really does come down to that. :-)

I'm baffled by the different degrees of dry, as well...

That looks like some serious plain knitting. I could do with some of that, but I think I'll wrap up a few projects first. Nothing like a move to show you exactly how many outstanding items you 've got to knit.

My dryer has different degrees of dry and different temperatures to get there. I chose one setting and it worked so I've stuck with it for the moment. Puzzling but beautiful machines (when they work).

It's always a good time for a mani pedi. At least in my world.

My dryer makes "noises" that I am ignoring, so figure out those temps so I can ask you when mine dies.

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