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Sunday, May 04, 2014


Identical twins!! Was that talent or luck?? Talent, I'd guess.
I like Kroy yarn for socks. You can be pretty mean to it during the washing and drying and they stay the same.
Happy Sunday!!

Those are some cool socks, Missy. If you feel the matching is important, then these socks are perfect!! And, I do like the way the yarn looks. Huggles.

Adore! I love that colorway and you made the stripes so perfect. I looked for that colorway at the m'chls but so far it's sold out. Will continue stalking the "yarn" aisle to make a pair for moi...

Best socks ever! You can't help but smile every time you look at them!

Neat! The flax heels and toes are great.

Perhaps doing the same contrast color with the ribbing the next time if you're unsure? Love the toes and heels.

Don't you just love a perfectly matched pair!? xoxo

Those are awesome!

Those colors are The Best! I love those stripes.

Mr. Noro teaches that trick to many knitters. Nice socks!

I think you know how I feel about the matching. Those socks are perfect. (Love the contrast toes and heels. That flax seems to be a very all-purpose, complements-everything kind of color.)

Those are super-cute! The matchiness makes them all the cuter. I've never tried the square dpns. My Karbonz are my current faves. xo

Those are fantastic looking socks! Very happy-making. :)

I have the exact same socks, minus the contrasting toes and heels. They are one of my favorites -- soft and the colors go with everything. I may even have enough left (bought an extra skein) for a second pair.

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