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Friday, May 30, 2014


Yeah.....they never want me either. Do you think it's because I have an opinion or three????

Congrats on doing your civic duty for another year.

I have sat on a murder trial. It's not nearly as interesting as it looks on television.

Most of the time, they ask me questions and then tell me they don't want me. I'm ok with that.

The end of this week has gotten much better! (laid off husband got a job interview--fingers crossed)

In our small town and sparsely populated county, jury duty is kinda interesting cuz generally you know the person on trial. Not always interesting in a good way. Sometimes they are wacko and it's safer to not be on that jury!
Glad you got your package. I got a nice package in the mail yesterday. :)

I just fill out the card they send, check a little box and never have to go. Texas laws are wonderful. (we shall not speak of the box I check. I had a bit of fun in my 20's) Never trust the postal service. The stories Texas can tell you!

Glad that's over and done with. Hopefully, they'll lose your information for 10 years or more. As far as the package? So very very pretty. I don't blame the USPS for holding on to it. It's purdy. Hugs and pittypats, Dumplin'.

Ah, jury duty. Did they at least let you knit in the courtroom while waiting to be called? (In my state, you can.)
So what's in the pretty package???

Yay for pretty packages! And for not being wanted for jury duty. I've been called twice and had to serve both times.

Ugh, the jury wanted me earlier this year, but I had a vacation I was not about to get interrupted. Now the jury wants me at the end of October instead! I can see why the usps took your pretties- looks lovely all wrapped up!

Am I the only one curious about what's inside the package?
Juries don't want me, either and I like it that way.

I'm always really happy when they don't want me. Once I was seated in the jury box and everything . . . and they still didn't want me. (I walked away a happy woman that day!)

Crossing my fingers...I am so due to be called! Contents of above?

I always feel guilty for not being able to serve, but the attorneys don't seem to want me. Do you think it's because I was raised by a professor of Constitutional History? Just asking?

Pretty package/wrapping! I'm glad you didn't get trapped with eleven others for a long trial!

OMG,I've got jury duty on Monday! Parallel lives I tell ya!. I'm hoping just to call and not make a command performance, but I've got knitting.

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