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Monday, April 21, 2014


Those eyes always kind of gave me the creeps. I never ate them. But ears-followed-by-bum was always my choco-bunny-eating strategy. XOXO

Too much Walking Dead. Everybody eats the eyes. We're freakin' cannibals here. And,yes, I got a bunny, too. My Jon and David gave it to me along with treats for the furbabiez. I oughtta just smear it on my butt.

I always eat the eyes first. What I remember most is the coconut or peanut butter eggs that were the size of SSCLD's fist. The always had sugar flowers on them and that's the part I would eat.

Hollow bunnies are as old as I am, maybe older! They do bring back memories. The buggie eyes, not so much.
I hope Typepad has things fixed soon!

I like solid bunnies better, I always ended up breaking the hollow ones because I would hold them while eating bits, and my fingers would melt the chocolate under them. Dur.


I doubt your bunny consumption has placed you in moral peril, but let the singing vegetables serve as a warning ...


Having shared that, Lindt milk chocolate bunnies all the way, baby. My only mistake this year was not buying and stashing a few for myself.

So that's what has been going on with TypePad. I shan't complain about them this time. Just glad they got the site up and working today, although I wonder how long that will last. DDoS sucks.

But you, my dear, do NOT suck. Eyes, ears, bum -- excellent. I always went for the ears, then the feet myself. But having grown up with Hershey's chocolate for the other 364 days, I was always a bit disappointed with the actual chocolate of the bunny. (first world problem, definitely)

What a nice thing for Irene to do, and good for Cindy for making you relive the tradition.

Mmmmm, bunny! I'm glad you knew Irene!

Hurray for green yarn from a thoughtful person.

I had a Reese's egg on Saturday and I'm just about over the regret. /sigh

What wonderful Easter gifties! Love them all. Well, the eyes on the bunny are a little creepy...o.0
Tried to get here yesterday but like you said Typepad seemed to be having issues. Glad things are working again today!
Happy Wednesday! right? it's wednesday?

Our bunnies never had eyes! But ears, then bum. Yes. We need to talk socks! ;-)

Testing again...

Well, that explains the trouble I'd been having trying to read blog posts... (I thought it was me. My lovely daughter built me a new computer and I'm still learning the quirks. Add to that doing some updates, and I have to figure that anything not working right has to be my fault.)
That card is absolutely gorgeous! Love love love the colors. (How about another african flower bag using that color scheme?)

Everything matches perfectly! Lovely spring green yarn and a very pretty card indeed.

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