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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Cute bags!

I've been nowhere as productive. Although I did learn that it's difficult to throw an axe with accuracy. Them Vikings make it look easy, but it ain't.

Love the bags. The last would make a great makeup bag if lined with plastic (and, really, who wants to do that?) I'm sorry about Carrie K, but she probably needs to do the work first. I have found carbon sock dpns and love them almost unnaturally. Hugs, Sweetie!

Fun bags! Now we'll just call you the bag lady.
No, I don't think the African Flower bag really needs a strap. Lining, maybe. Especially if you might like to use it as a project bag.

Like the bags! And that first one was a fabulous crown, Your Majesty!!

Love the bags! African Flower bag is my favorite!!


You've a lot on your mind, girlfriend. The African Flower Bag is beautiful. It needs a lining to be useful and I'm guessing you'll like having a strap, purse or no.

Cute bags. Summer is coming. It should dry out soon.

Beautiful bags!
May your stress and humidity both drop to moderate levels.

The bags are just beautiful and the African Flower bag is really, really nice! That I-cord would have done me in! xo

You have been a busy bee. If you're longing for cooler weather, come on out for a visit & you can help me pack some boxes. Bleh.

The bags are adorable! You've been very busy.
We still have snow if you want cooler weather!

Every once in a while I get the crochet-bug. Fun! I love that African Flower design. I'm going to have to try it some day.

Ok, crochet cute and all but stop already. You're a machine. Take a breath and knit some lace for balance!

I must admit I love the warm spring weather...

I was scrolling down and saw only the top of Elka's bag and thought, "Cookie is Moving On if she's crocheted a tank top!" Not sure if I was relieved or disappointed to find it was another lovely bag!!

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