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Friday, April 18, 2014


Gimme $6 would be perfect! At least I didn't ask you to eat that pizza I had last night. :D

So glad it's Friday and that your wheel is fixed and that you're eating black berries and that overall there is happy in your life.

Apparently Typepad is borked. Your photos won't show up unless I open them in a separate tab. Chris (StumblingOverChaos.com) emailed me because she couldn't comment on my blog. But now TP is working partially -- still no photos in your post (have to right-click and open in new tab) but at least I can comment.

Anyway. Blackberries! One of nature's ambrosia fruits, imho. So hard to get them when fully ripe here because the birds are always two steps ahead of me. Is that Kroy self-striping yarn? I made a pair of socks from the same stuff and adore them. MIght make another identical pair.

Broken typepad, fixed.

I am beating myself around the face and neck because the Orphan Black disk I got from Netflix is disk 2, not disk 1. Oy.

Happy dance for the fixed wheel and bobbin.

I am so glad that you posted what you did (thought/felt) so that I could have a big sigh - and know that i wasn't just me - and therefore - (big leap here) - probably not MY FAULT! Huge gianorous sigh of relief. And...this too shall pass - just like the blood red moon. Thank you, Lovely Lady. Best wishes for a lovely weekend and week following. Or, something better.

Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Irohan Bkack! Wasn't even wine induced! That's why you sent me to short row hell! ;-) xo

Maybe it should be "Give me $6, Hee! Hee!" (or your favorite words to represent a cackle). You could always give any money received to a favorite charity.

Busy times...glad the wheel and bobbin are mended.
Yummy looking blackberries in such a pretty bowl.
You knit SOCKS???? :p Love the stripey yarn!

Love the socks. Otherwise, I am in my normal place......totally confused. Hugs, Dumplin.

You need to come sit and knit with me. Gosford Park is one of my favorite movies, and Dan is a total Clone Club member (Tumblr is a hotbed of OB stuff)


I just succumbed and watched Ep. 1 of Season 2. Now I have to go find the first season.

Socks are good and stripey socks are wonderful.

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