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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


So, it won't be such a bad bill. Love your cowl.

The cowl is cool. You do seem to go for those cables...
Crochet is a hand killer. Ouchy.
55F outside is wonderful, no coat weather. But...55F in a house is a whole different story. Gotta have that heat on!!

I love that cowl. But probably I'll just worship from afar . . . rather than cast on myself. (I'm always a pussy when it comes to being cold in the house. Be comfortable! Turn on the heat.)

I just never put the electric blanket away. The hands functioning would be the reason that I don't crochet well. It's a real problem when there are patterns that I love that are crocheted.

Cabley cowl! So pretty! It's snowy and cold here. Maybe we'll have spring when you get around to passing it on. Crochet is hard on my hands, too...but then everything is. I'm a pussy, too.

Excellent choice turning the heat on, it'll help those hands too. And the cowl is lovely my friend!

55 inside? Definitely time for the heat and electric blanket. That's what they're for.

The cowl looks great - glad you figured out your problem.

I'm a sucker for vintage yarn.

We rarely dip below 70 inside on this side of the hill. We don't see any point of coldness...glad you caved for the day.

The cowl is lovely, I like that color and have some matching pant fabric if you want to go all matchy matchy crazypants.

55 degrees indoors is just NOT ON. I would have caved at 60.

Love the new cowl. The color is fab.

55 is fine for an hour or three but too chilly for longer. I'm glad you caved and got cozy.

Even 60 degrees indoors is too cold. Amazing and wonderful for outside, but not so much for inside. (And just why is that, exactly? I've always wondered about that...)

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